Free Week 13 NFL Picks

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Howdy All,


I am making a quick pick for tonights game, because I feel that is something that I have to do. I will update this later with the rest of the picks of the week.  Any time we have one game on TV(not everyones TV though, grrrrrrrrr!!!), we know that gamblers are itching to put some cash down. Also, when two teams are 10-1 and going against each other I fell that I have to say something about it. Check back later for the rest of the games.

Free Week 12 Monday Night NFL Pick

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Howdy Folks,
I hope everyone survived Black Friday and the mall this weekend. We will look to survive another week with our Monday Night game tonight.

Miami at Pittsburgh (-16)

The Steerlers(7-3 SU, 6-4 ATS) are coming off a dissapointing lost to the Jets last week. The will look to get out of their funk this week as they battle the winless Dolphins(0-10 SU, 2-5-3 ATS). Pittsburgh should dominate every aspect of this game. John Beck will have a tough time staying alive agasint the blitz-happy Pittsburgh defense. The one bright spot for the Fins though is that I think we are going to see Run Ricky Run tonight. So that will be entertaning. Lets see if he has any juice left in the box. I think the Steerlers shake of the rust and win this one easily.

Free Week 12 NFL Picks

Howdy All,

Well I help everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stuffed their face with a bunch of Turkey and Pumpkin pie. The NFL games on Thursday weren't all that exciting as all the favorites pretty much blew out their dogs this week. Lets waste no time this week, and hope that there are some better games on the tube this Sunday.

San Francisco at Arizona (-11)
In this game we stay with our weekly theme of betting against the Niners. The Niners are lost this year on offense and can't score to save their lives. Its been like 3 games since they have scored a TD. Alex Smith is again crying and is sitting this week. The Cardinals are coming off back to back wins where they have put up more than 30 points on the back of Warner. I just don't see the Niner offense keeping up with Zona in this ine.

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