Free Week 16 NFL Picks

Howdy Folks,

I am going to make this very brief this week such I am on Christmas vacation. So hurry up and read the picks below so you can get your Christmas shopping done. Fun Fun Fun. Tell the crowds hi for me.

Tampa Bay (-6) at San Francisco

The Niners may have find a QB that can kind of run some sort of an offense. They finally won a game last week, were the offense did look pretty good. However I think people are quick to forget that it was against the Bengals. They could make they Spears family even look good these days. I think with a week to prepare for the new QB the Bucs will handle them well, and the defense will stop Gore and Hill.

Free Week 15 Monday Night NFL Pick

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Chicago(+11) at Minnesota
Is it Monday yet? Well it sure is!! The two Cold cities battle it out tonight. Da Bears(5-8 SU, 4-9 ATS) have gone from Super Bowl loser to just loser this season. The Vikings(7-6 SU, 7-4-2 ATS) are fighting for their playoff life and hope to play spoiler once they get in. The Purple Jesus had a rough go last week against San Fran, but Chester saved the day. Can Adrian Peterson get back on track? Can Adrian Peterson find any running room vs the tough run defense of Minnesota? Confused yet? I am. Well I think this will be a closer one than vegas expects. I think the Bears will show up tonight and play their close town rivals in a close one. Pick the animals this Monday night. 

Free Week 15 NFL Picks

Howdy All, 

What a week we have had in the sports world. This just in, MLB players are doing steriods. What?? Are you kidding me? The one person who comes out of this shining like a peach is Jose Canseco. Probably the one person responisble for bringing this whole steriod case to light. Everyone gave him so much crap when he wrote his book. Saying it was a bunch of lies and he was just trying to grab an extra dollar. I read his book when it came out, its pretty good, and I believed all of it too. Why would he lie?  So the kingpin of steriods is actually the winner this week. The thing that gets me about this Mitchell report is that it is incomplete. It focuses mainly on the Bay Area teams because thats where they got most of their info from. Get a clue, all the teams are filled with steriod users. Its all over the whole MLB. The commsioner ignored this whole issue, and now needs to deal with it. I just think to make this fair we need to name all players. It will never happen and everyone will point their fingers towards Clemens and Bonds to take the heat for everyone. Not saying they were right, but in a league were steriods were rapid I think we need a more complete picture.
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