Free NFL Second Round NFL Picks

Howdy Folks,

Dude, here we are in the second round of the playoffs and its time to lace the cleats up and really get down to business. Last week we saw some pretty good games as the Hawks came back late in the game to steal the spirit from the Taylor Redskins, Eli finally showed up in a playoff game and got his first win, Norv beat history and figured out how to coach in the second half to beat the Titans, and Jacksonville needed a late rally after they blew a commanding lead on the Steelers. Dude, history shows us that in the second round that the home favorites usually win the game and advance to the championship game. In fact home teams since the current playoff structure, are 53-15. The question that remains is the home teams may advance, but will they cover. Dude! Lets get right too it. Dude.

N.Y. Giants at Dallas(-7.5)

Free NFL Wild-Card Playoff Picks

Howdy All,

So we have finally made it to the first week of the NFL playoffs. We have thread through 17 weeks of the wild and crazy NFL season, and we are faced with only a few more games left to pick.  In some ways its sad, because the season is drawing to an end soon, but in other ways its exciting because this is it. This is our chance to make up money or make more money if we are ahead. It is time to put up or shut up and make our picks count. It's all about the Playoffs baby and here we go!! 

Free Week 17 NFL Picks

So here we are at the last week of the NFL regular season. I hate this week, because teams that are bad are favored and teams that are good mail it in. It is so hard to tell who is going to show up this week. A lot of the teams will try and rest their top players to get ready for the playoffs the next couple of weeks. Who knows what the hell is going to happen. Almost just like the regular season. I hope you're betting season so far has been a profitable one, and be sure to come back here for all your playoff free picks. This week I will pick all games, and right one or two lines on rach one. Lets quickly get to the games.

New England at NY Giants (+14)
This game doesn't matter for the Giants, and the Pats have a chance to go undeafted in the regular season. Pats win easily but Giants keep it closer than 14.

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