Free NFL Super Bowl XLII Pick

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The Big Game is finally here. It has been a long two week layoff from football, and we finally have arrived to the weekend of the Super Bowl. I am as excited as a little kid in a candy store. I love the Super Bowl, but I have to admit the second the gun sounds I go into a deep hole of sadness because the next month for sports is just pitful. Think positive I guess. I hope everyone has their chips, dip, beer, steaks, dogs, and burgers ready to go, because the SUPER BOWL has arrived. Yippee.

Free Super Bowl XLII Prop Bet picks Part 3

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We learned today that Britney is going back to the hospital in ambulance. Oh Snap, What a sad story. So back up the wackiness of Spears, we are off to Part 3 of the wild and wacky world of Prop bets.

1. What will be the first beer commericial to air during the halftime break?
Bud light (2/3)
Coors Light (3/2)
Miller Draft(7/1)

Free NFL Conference Championship picks

Howdy All,

Well we are coming down to the end of a great year. There are 3 more games left in the NFL season, and then it will be all over. Last week we had two major upsets when Indy got shallacked by a River,LDT,Gates- less Chargers, and the Giants thumped the Cowboys in the afternoon game. Who would have thought that Little Eli would be the Manning left in the playoffs.

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