Free NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

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What a weekend in football last week. Pretty much every game except the Miami-Baltimore game was a good game. Now that College football is over, andMr. Stoops time to go focus on the NFL you bum!Mr. Stoops time to go focus on the NFL you bum! Bob Stoops once again proved that he can't win a BCS game we can all put our focus on the NFL. The NFL playoffs are money, and it gets better this week too. The teams below, can smell their dream just within reach and are going to do anything to try and reach it. One last thing, if you run a football squares pool, be sure to check out

I won't waste any of your time with some jargon BS and lets get straight too it.

Free Week 6 NFL Picks

Whoo hoooo! Make it Rain Make it Rain. We had another good week of picks last week goingPacman Fever!Pacman Fever! 3-1. Not too shabby. So we are going to celebrate this week in honor of Pacman and make it Rain. I’ve got Pacman fever, Pacman fever. What a great song that was. HA. Look it up if you haven’t heard it. I don’t have all the facts, but how do you put yourself in position to screw your whole career up. Who knows maybe Pacman’s bodyguard wanted to do something naughty and Pacman told him no? Pacman you have gotten your like what 8th chance and you are still out late drinking with the boys. Word to the wise, just go home and sit there, and there will be plenty of time to play later.

Baltimore (+4) at Indy

Free Week 5 NFL Picks

"Say it ain't so, Joe!" Was that the phrase going through Flacco’s head when he turned theSay it Ain't So JoeSay it Ain't So Joe Ravens game upside down? If I can say a few words on the debate, I think they both did a good a job. Palin proved she can stand in front of millions and do a decent job. I was impressed. Biden wasn’t too shabby himself. I would call it a push, because the Pubs needed Palin to not flop, and Biden just needed to stand strong. Honestly, I felt that this debate was a lot better than the Obama-McCain debate the other night. That was just boring like most debates are. The more important issue is who does Chad Ocho-Cinco think he is. I know he is trying to kiss up to Jerry Jones because he wants out of Cincy. However to say you are going to kiss the star after you score is ridiculous. Chad you can kiss my ass instead. What the hell?

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