NFL Week 4 Predictions

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The NFL has been a mystery this year to me, which is why you haven't seen very many (one to be exact) predictions. Sure enough, as soon as I go out there and predict a victory, the Saints become the once infamous Aints and lose to the Young and the Titans. However, this is a new week, with new games, and of course new lines.

NFL Monday Night Week 3

The Saints have been caught in the whirlwind of surprising NFL results this year. Their first game they were absolutely dismantled by the Colts, and last week they were upended by the upstart Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, we can understand why they lost to the Colts, but should we be surprised by the Bucs? The Bucs only loss this year was to a good Seattle Seahawks team, who just beat the scoring machine known as the Cincinnati Bengals. So, we can assume that the Saints have just run into two good teams, and are not representative of a true 0-2 team.

The Titans on the other hand, beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in week one, and almost pulled the upset and beat the Colts in week 2, so they are not to be taken lightly. However, this is the home opener for the Saints this year, and we all know that the Saints should play much better in their home stadium, thanks in large part to the fact they were displaced after Hurricane Katrina, and now value their home even more.

NFL Week 1 Wrapup

The NFL began with the Colts showing everyone why they are the best team in football, and ended with the Cardinals showing everyone why they are one of the worst. However, if you had bet on Arizona, you would still have won, although you would have wondered why you ever would have done so after the first play of the game when Leinart threw an interception at this own 20.

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