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Week 1 Free NFL Picks

Well that wasn't a good way to start off the season last night. I thought NY would come out strong and then the Skins would come back to skeak in the late cover. Well the first thing happen, and then they both stunk the bed in the second half. No worries here though, because we have a boat load of games on Sunday to pick from.

Kansas City vs New England (-17)

Week 1 Thursday Night NFL Pick

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Howdy Folks,

We're BACK!!! The season is finally here, and I can't control myself. It has been a long off season of watching re-runs and waiting for the NFL to come back. The Olympics helped ease the off-season pain this year with the amazing performances by Phelps and Insane Bolt. Crazy man. However, the Olympics just don't compare to the thrill of betting on the NFL. I am shaking right now. Is it really true, that tonight on prime time TV we will have the opening of the season? It is. It is. Sweet. Even Gov. Sarah Palin raises her hand in joy that football is back. Gov. Sarah Palin says I vote for football!Gov. Sarah Palin says I vote for football!So get your fantasy lineups in and set your picks, because we are going to get right to the action. I'll just pick tonights game for now.

Washington Redskins (+4.5) at N.Y.Giants

Free NFL Super Bowl XLII Pick

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The Big Game is finally here. It has been a long two week layoff from football, and we finally have arrived to the weekend of the Super Bowl. I am as excited as a little kid in a candy store. I love the Super Bowl, but I have to admit the second the gun sounds I go into a deep hole of sadness because the next month for sports is just pitful. Think positive I guess. I hope everyone has their chips, dip, beer, steaks, dogs, and burgers ready to go, because the SUPER BOWL has arrived. Yippee.
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