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Free Week 3 NFL Picks

Let’s just start out by saying that we are getting a little bit better with the picks. The NFL is not a game for the weak. Sometimes I feel like I would be better off just playing craps. The one thing we have to remember though is that the season is very long. So you fantasy players WTF is Turf Toe??WTF is Turf Toe??out there sweating LDT, if you just look at the totals last year after two games it will relieve the disgusting taste in your mouth or your toe. In case you were wondering- Now lets get started.


Free Week 2 NFL Picks

Howdy Folks,

Snap, Crackle, Pop is the main theme for the NFL last week. Tom Brady is done for the year, and maybe won’t ever be the same with a torn ACL & MCL. The good news for him is that he can go relax on the beach and get Giselle pregnant just like his buddy Tiger did when he was injured. What a rough life. Vincesanity might be an overstatement as his Mommy says that he doesn’t what to play anymore. What is wrong with these Longhorn players? Ricky quits and smokes the wacky stuff, Cedric gets pulled over for drinking too much, and now Vince. Come on Mack get your former players together. Week 2 of the NFL is upon us and so is Hurricane Ike. Kick the baby!! Just want to send a quick prayer and thoughts out to the Texas coast. Here is hoping everyone is safe, and yes some things are more important than football. Now to the picks.

Green Bay (-3) @ Detroit

Free Week 1 NFL Monday Night Picks

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Rip, tear, gulp. Did the NFL just get turned upside down on its head? Poster Boy Brady is down for the year probably with a torn knee. Ouch. The favorites to win it all are now scrambling for a new QB, and now the big prize is up fBritney's back along with Monday Night.Britney's back along with Monday Night.or grabs. Brett Favre looks like he is back, and so is Britney too. The Boys and the Eagles rolled, and Indy and the Jags flopped. Well the good news is that tonight we have two Monday night games. How lucky are we? Double up to catch up? If you feel lucky punk. Lets get to it.

Minnesota at Green Bay (-2)

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