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Ok let me get this straight, there is a movie out coming out this week called Twilight that is sold out already. Also, this movie is based off of a book by Stephenie Meyer, that has everyone from teenage girls to middle aged womenReally, this is the new craze? Blah!Really, this is the new craze? Blah! reading it. What the hell. The actor created a riot in a book signing last week at a mall. A riot to get a teeny bopper autograph? I don't get it. The radio stations have been talking about it all week, and from what I get is that the story is based on some high school vampire named Edward Cullen who falls in love with high schooler Bella Swan, but also likes her blood so much that he almost can't control himself from killing her. W.T.F. So is the new Harry Potter for girls? I heard the writing isn't that great, it just pulls on the heart strings of high school girls who think a Vampire is the perfect boyfriend. I guess there are 5 more books in the series so this craze isn't going to end anytime soon. I guess maybe I am being ignorant because I haven't even seen the cover of this book, but too me I would rather shoot myself then read this garbage. Enough of this girly romantic stuff, and back to the manly sport of football. Yearly Record ATS 20-16.

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Howdy Folks,First things first, how in the hell is the puppy cam creating all this attention. If you haven't heard a couple people a web cam up of their 8 little puppies and it is hitting the Internet with storm( I believe they had something like 4 millions hits in a week. Jeesshh. I canPeople like puppies I guess.People like puppies I guess. understand why people might to click on the link and watch them for a couple of seconds, but people are watching these pups all day long. It is controlling life's, and they even sleep for half the time. If the puppies would have ran against the President Elect they probably would have won. Maybe we should take note and just post animal cams on this site, instead of picks. Wow, people need things to do. What a great last week, with going 3-0. Not too shabby. Lets continue to roll this week with the picks below.

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Let me get this straight. You are the highest paid player in baseball, you could Maybe Arod swings from the other side?Maybe Arod swings from the other side?probably get any girl you want, and you marry a man, and then cheat on her with another person that looks like a man. I realize Madonna is an American Icon, and understand maybe you want to hook up with her just to say you did so, but to date her for an extending period of time I really don't get it. Maybe AROD owns a time machine and he can go back to Madonna like a virgin days. That would explain somethings. I think AROD really needs to take some lessons from his buddy Jeter. At least the girl Jeter dates is attractive. 

Arod needs to take notes from Jeter.Arod needs to take notes from Jeter.The only explanation I have for this is that either AROD really likes muscles or likes men. Maybe Arod thinks that the more men he dates that it will serve as a slump buster for being a perpetual loser his whole career. Yea he is a very rich loser, but hasn't won anything with all that talent. Oh well, here's hoping The Rays can forgot about that epic collapse last night too. Wow. Its going to be tough, but for the love of God don't let the Sox have anymore glory. Ok enough of baseball, and back to the real sport of football.

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