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Finally its getting to feel a lot like Christmas. Well that feeling probably has been around for a couple of weeks now. I just hate it when radio stations, malls, grocery stores, people's homes drill Christmas in our head before Thanksgiving. Hello people, you have to celebrate one holiday before the next holiday. Now we can celebrate Christmas.Now we can celebrate Christmas.Give the Pilgrims a break, and don't run through their Holiday like it doesn't exist. Geez. Well the month of December is here, and now everyone is cool to hang the lights, sing the HO HO HO music, and go shop their little hearts out. Trust me, get out in the mall and freaking shop. I think the economy needs a little boost these days. In the next few weeks, I will be also including a cool Christmas gift a long with my weekly picks. I know its tough sometimes and you don't know what to get people for Christmas. Sure you could go out and purchase some lame tie, or gift card. Lame I say. Lets get started with our first cool Christmas gift of the year. The Cube World Digital Stick People. The Cube is a toy that works like the Tamagochi pets. Basically, it is a digital dude that you play with in a cool little cube. Stick People Fun.Stick People Fun.However, when you put your digital dude next to another digital dude they interactive with each other. Kind of silly, but kind of cool in the same way. I guess they can toss balls to each other, wrangle one cube's dog to their cube. Seems interesting to me. So if your looking for that geeky fun tech gift try out the Digital Cube Stick people. You can get them here Have fun. Now to the picks. Season Record 27-19 ATS.

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Howdy Folks, I hope everyone had a great Turkey day. I know we had a pretty good day here going 2-1 with out picks. The Eagles ruined our perfect day, but you can't get them all right. So since its the hollidays, on to abbreviated picks for this week. Have a great weekend.  N.Y. Giants(-4) at Washington Giants beat the Cowboys, Cowboys beat the Skins, Giants will crush Washington. Its kindergarden logic, but it works for me. Take the blue men group this week.  Indy (-5.5) at Cleveland The Colts are on a roll, and we are going to keep rolling right along with them. The Browns won't be able to keep up with Peyton in this one. Ride the horses. Atlanta (+4.5) at San DiegoNorv Turner is lost, and should be out the door. Heart breaking loss after heart breaking loss. I don't think its the players fault. Could it be coaching. I like the rookie and Turner to score on them all day long.  

Free NFL Thanksgiving Day Picks

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Gobble Gobble. Happy Turkey Day everyone. Thanksgiving Day is the time ofI'm thankful for football. Gobble Gobble.I'm thankful for football. Gobble Gobble. the year that we give thanks to everything. I have decided to make a quick list of what we should be thankful for this year.

1. Of course we are thankful that is still giving away free picks this year.

2. Romosexuals are thankful that pinkies really do heal in about 4 weeks.

3. T.O. is also thankful that #2 is true. "That's my QB man."

4. Norv Turner is thankful that in College games are shorter than the NFL. See ya there next year buddy.

5. The Patriots are thankful that maybe they do have a pretty good system. Plug and play baby.

6. Pacman is thankful that video game characters have infinite lives. Just put another quarter in the jukebox baby.

7. Ronnie and Ricky are thankful that a high school offense works in the NFL.

8. The Titans are thankful that they got their loss out of the way, and can now plan for the playoff stretch.

9. The J.E.T.S. are thankful that Favre is Brett Favre and he likes to play football.

10. Lastly we are thankful that Turkey Day has 3 games this year.

I hope your Thanksgiving day is filled with tons of food, beer, football, and winning bets. Be sure to not eat too much Turkey so you can stay awake for the games though. Now to the picks. Season ATS (23-17)

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