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Free Week 15 Monday Night Football Pick Cleveland at Philadelphia

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The season is coming down to the end and we still have a lot to figure out in the NFL. The Cowboys pushed their drama to the sideline and won with their defense. Atlanta won in overtime to keep their playoffs dream alive, and the mighty fins continue to push towards the playoffs in an incredible turn around. The wacky world of the NFL, and things probably won't get any clearer till the last week of the season.


Cleveland at Philadelphia(-15.5)

The Eagles are somehow still alive in the playoff chase. They will need some help along the road, but if they win tonight they are pretty much just a game back. That tie might come back to haunt them down the line. If tonight's matchup was an eating contest between the head coaches than we might

I bet they wished it was a eating contest tonight.I bet they wished it was a eating contest tonight.

have a close match. I hate to tell you but probably the only thing Romeo is good at is eating these days. The Browns are pretty bad this season, but for some reason they have shown up on Monday night. This is their third Monday night game this year and out of their 4 wins two of them are on Monday. So we are taking the Browns tonight right? If we look at Cleveland's last 3 games they have scored 6,6,and 9 points. That is really ugly. Tonight Ken Dorsey starts again for the dogs. It isn't going to be pretty I'm afraid. The Eagles are in a must win situation and are going to ride Westbrook all night long. McNabb has also been playing better since he has learned the rules. I don't think the Browns get in double digits again this week, and the Eagles rout them. Romeo will have plenty of time to eat this offseason and forgot about this game as his ass gets canned after the season.

Free Week 15 NFL Picks


Check out the new TV show on called Dumb & Dumber. That's what T.O. is calling Emmitt and Keyshawn these days. I have to admit being a Cowboy fan and having a true obsession with Emmitt Smith that T.O.'s remarks are The Emmitt and Keyshawn show!The Emmitt and Keyshawn show!pretty damn funny. Have you ever watched Emmitt and Keeyshawn do their post game show. Sure Smith was a great player, but as for a TV anchor he just doesn't cut it. I really think they just keep him on there for the laugh factor. Every single show he is calling guys the wrong name, mispronouncing basic words. It is almost like you watch to see what word he is going to screw up next. I am in T.O.'s boat on this one. Keyshawn and Emmitt should let the pros do their job, and stick with dancing with the stars. Ok maybe not. Let's hope the drama gets worked out in Dallas and the Cowboys get back on track.

This week's cool christmas gift is the USB Powered Missle Launcher. This little puppy hooks up to your USB port on your laptop and you can fire away atTake that Boss!Take that Boss! your coworkers or boss when they walk by. So next time your boss gives you that T.P.S. report to do you can go oh yea take this sucker. Too much fun. You can get it on Amazon for 28.95. How can you not be the one guy in the office without this? I am already getting pumped for when this arrives in the mail.

Now to the picks. Season ATS 30-21

Free Week 14 Monday Night Football Pick Carolina vs Tampa Bay

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So did anyone watch that exciting BCS bowl selection show? What a bore if you ask me. How can you make something so great as college football boring. There is BS in the B.c.S.There is BS in the B.c.S.We seriously need to get rid of this nonsense. Another thing that needs to go is the Coach's poll. When coach's have a vested interested in voting for their own team or buddie's team then its probably not a fair representation. We are talking about 22 million dollars per school for a BCS game. Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I could vote for someone else with that kind of money on the line. I'm still amazed that Mack voted Florida one though. I guess maybe he does have some class, unlike his counter part Mr. Stoops. Hey Stoops, why the hell do you have your starters in the last few minutes of a game you are up by 40 in. Pretty classless dude. Let your other kids play in a title game.

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