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Free Wild Card Weekend NFL Picks

What time is it? It’s playoff time baby. I love it. For the past week we have been forced to watch meaningless bowl game after bowl game. Now the real game is here, and every game matters. Win or go home, and at the end of this playoffPlayoffs Baby!Playoffs Baby! we will have a real champion. College football please watch and take some notes on how to really run a playoff. This year we have some surprising teams out and in for the big dance. No New England, No Dallas, but we do have Miami and Atlanta. I never would have guessed that at the start of the season. What a change of scenery. In the playoffs you throw all the history and the records out the door. Everyone has a clean slate now, and can put everything behind them. Season ATS 36-27

Free Week 17 NFL Picks

HO, HO, HO. I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday, and is recovered from all the gifts, food and drinks. Tis the season to start winning as they say. We enter the final week of the NFL playoffs and some teams have something to play for, while others will try to stay healthy. This is probably one of the hardest week to pick because you just don't know what a team will do with its stars. Do you want to continue the momentum and start your starters or do you just want to mail it in and prepare for the playoffs. Since everyone is on vacation this week, we won't get cute and go straight to my picks for the week.

Free Week 16 NFL Picks


The big news this week was the shoe assassin. I guess he mastered in the training of watching Austin Powers movies. "Who throws a shoe, honestly. Who throws a shoe?Who throws a shoe?You fight like a woman!”  That is just too classic. I love it.

I could watch that clip and the Bush clip all day and not stop laughing. I have to give mad creds to the President though. That man might not have the best world policies but he has some reflexes. If that was me, I'm afraid I would have been in the same boat as Austin, with a shoe to the face. Also, I think the MLB should really look at the shoe assassin. That reporter has a gun for a arm. One last thing before we get to the picks. If you want to try your skills out of being a shoe assassin you can train here at Don't blame me for waisting the next hour of your life by throwing shoes at the President. Have fun, and now to the picks. Season ATS 33-24 

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