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10/11/2009 Parlay Bets

We've got a doozy for you this weekend.  We went 4-1 last weekend, and I wouldn't expect anything less. 

  1. Texas -3 over OU (Bradford may be back, but McCoy never left)
  2. Va. Tech -3 over Ga. Tech (Va. Tech is playing out its mind so far this season, and people thing Ga. Tech is good b/c they beat FSU)
  3. USC -10 over ND  (Would've liked to peg this one at 9.5, but we'll take the chance at 10)
  4. Detroit/Green Bay over 47.5 (Both teams can score a lot if given the right circumstances)
  5. Philly -14 over Oakland (Oakland = Jamarcus Russell = bad) 


10/10/09 Weekend Parlay

So, I've decided that given the amount of free time left in my days, I will keep our posts to a minimum and let you know what 5 team parlay my friends and I are playing each week.  this will give you instant access to picks that we think are good bets.  So, without further ado, here you go.

  1. 49ers -2.5 over Atlanta (iffy, but usually iffy pays off for some reason)
  2.  Alabama -5 over Ole Miss (Ole Miss burned me earlier in the season, but they won't do it again)
  3. Indianapolis -4 over Tennessee (Could be a sucker bet as this one looks too easy)
  4. Colorado +32.5 over Texas (Hopefully Colt McCoy parties hard the night before)
  5. Minnesota Vikings -10 over St. Louis  ( Minnesota  = good, St. Louis = bad)

Free Superbowl Picks Pittsburgh vs Arizona

Howdy All,

Pittsburgh vs Arizona (+7)

Terrible Terrible Terrible. That is all I am hearing this week. Terrible towel this, terrible towel that. The Steelers are going to roll, and the Cardinals have no chance.  Lets examine some of the picks by the so called experts. How can you root for this guy?How can you root for this guy?Accurscore has the Steelers winning 27.1-20.6. I guess that is some lame calculation over 10,000 simulations. Mike Golic picked the towels, and so did Mortensen, Jaworski, and Hoge. Schlereth and Wickersham(who the f is he) are the only ones on ESPN to go with the Cardinals so far. USATODAYs coinflip experts picked Arizona to win this week though. hmmmm... The most shocking news though was that the main man Barack picked the Steelers. You see this is what I like about him. You may not like his policies, but the guy has heart and charisma. Most Presidents in the past would have been I hope to see a good game when asked who would win. President Obama in a press conference picked the freaking Steelers to win. How awesome is that. We actually have a President right now who is current, and not afraid to give his opinion on a sporting event. For that, you have to love him. Watch it below. ? One thing I do want to see this Sunday though is the potential for the greatest TDPut a Super Bowl Ring on it!Put a Super Bowl Ring on it! celebration ever. The greatest dance ever would be if you're ahead in the game by a considerble margin and score a TD, I want to see the Beyonce dance. "Put a Ring On It" baby. How great would that be? Just go off and do the whole Timberlake thing. It would be classic and has true meaning in getting a Super Bowl ring. Do it for me Fitz. Please!! 




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