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NBA Playoffs Round 2 - Cleveland Cavs vs. Boston Celtics

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Welcome to the fourth and final series of the Round 2 Playoffs.  Boy, what a wake-up call the Celtics received this past week!  Poor LeBron.  Now he can't sneak up on Boston like Joe Johnson.  Even the pathetic Doc can't mess up this one...can he?  On to the matchup...

NBA Playoffs Round 2 - Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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Welcome to "MVP, MVP, MVP" central!  The Utah Jazz face off against soon-to-be announced MVP Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers Sunday, May 4th.  I've written this article a couple times already...and each time it's crashed.  So forgive me if this comes across as short.  Grrr!!  On to the matchup...

Series: Utah Jazz (4 seed) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (1 seed)
The Jazz showed they can win on the road against the Rockets...but then again, Houston is no LA.  Once the Hollywood celebs get to rockin', poor Sloan and his boys will wilt under the pressure.  More than Kobe and Gasol, Derek Fisher and his experience are key to this series.  If he can put a mild lock-down on Deron, then this will be a quick round much like against the Nuggets.
Pick: Los Angeles in 5

NBA Playoffs Round 2 - San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Hornets

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Welcome to Round Two of the NBA Western Conference Playoffs!!  The San Antonio Spurs face the New Orleans Hornets in tonight's game.  Let's not force an intro for this one.  Stars like Duncan, Paul, Manu, Chandler, Parker, and West should be enough to get you pumped!  On to the matchup...

Series: San Antonio (3 seed) @ New Orleans (2 seed)
There's alot to like, and also worry about, in this series.  The Spurs are the kings of the playoffs...doing just enough to get by.  But they are another year older, and many players have mentioned feeling banged up after their series with the Suns.  This New Orleans team is driven by Chris Paul.  But his motor will be tested with the defensive, slow-it-down-style that SA likes to implement.  I'd love to see the feel-good NO team advance, but SA's experience will shine through in the end.
Pick: San Antonio in 6

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