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NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals - San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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Welcome to the Western Conference Finals...where the San Antonio Spurs face off against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Kobe vs. Duncan.  Wait, wasn't that an old Sprite commercial or something?  On to the matchup...

Series: San Antonio (3 seed) vs. Los Angeles (1 seed)
Let's give a big round of applause for the San Antonio Spurs.  They once again showed that when an experienced team doesn't panic down 2-0, good things can happen.  So now they get the pleasure of facing a determined Kobe.  Good luck.  At each step of these playoffs, the smell of a championship gets stronger and stronger for Mr. Bryant.  This series will be tough, don't get me wrong...but I see a man possessed that just won't be stopped.  And considering it's an even year, we all know that doesn't bode well for SA.
Pick: Lakers in 6

Thursday Night Free NBA Pick - 5-15-08 Playoffs

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Welcome back to some suh-weet "Home Team Always Wins" Playoffs.  That fact hopefully helped you ride New Orleans to victory last night while others were riding the "But San Antonio is hot right now" card.  Those who don't know their history, are doomed to repeat it.  While playoffs usually result in a hard fought, drag out match...these playoffs are heavily leaning towards the home team favorite.  Not to spoil my prediction for tomorrow's game, but on to the matchup...

Thursday Night Free NBA Picks - 5-8-08 Playoffs

Welcome to your 1-2 punch for sports bet selections.  Baseball is in full swing after a month plus.  But it's the NBA playoffs that are the hot topic this time of year.  Speaking of's looking very likely that the top dogs will represent in the division conference finals.  I like the other seeds, don't get me wrong.  But it's an up hill battle.  And the thought of an 80's Finals with Boston and LA has TV execs giddy.  So why fight the feeling.  Jump in the time machine, and enjoy the nostalgia.  On to the matchups...

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