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Warriors vs. Celtics Pick 11-25-2008

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No more Baron spells TroubleNo more Baron spells TroubleThe Warriors are in trouble this season, and although I have heard that most fans are happy with their most recent trade for Crawford, it is going to take Nelly some time to get the team to gel, and that was evident in their most recent outing against Washington in which they were blown out by 24 points...their biggest loss of this season thus far.  However, Golden State has won 4 of the last 5 against the Celtics, and with a 12 point spread for this game, the tease is on.

NBA Playoff Finals - Game 4

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Welcome back!

Celtics 2, Lakers 1
Game 4
Home court has proven king in this series between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics.  But I'm sure you knew that even before this all started.  For Boston, it was home wins only in the first two series, then a shaky exchange against Detroit, and now it's back to normal by winning the first two games of the finals.  LA, on the other side, is a perfect 9-0 at home in these playoffs.  Will the trend continue?

NBA Playoff Finals - Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

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Welcome back to the NBA Playoffs!  We've hit the time machine and arrived somewhere in the 80s.  That's right folks, we're here at the NBA Finals and it's the Lakers vs. Celtics.  The top two teams from the Western and Eastern Conferences.  Just like the good 'ol days.  Don't act like you aren't excited!

I don't want to ruin my prediction for you, so let's break it down piece by piece to scientifically choose a winner.  Sound fun?  On to the matchup...

Hahahahaha.  Really, do I need to wax poetic on this one?  Or can I just list the names, pick a winner and move on?  Phil Jackson.  Doc Rivers.
Pick: Lakers

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