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Thursday Free NBA Picks - 12-4-08

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Ah, the smell of victory.  What a sweet, sweet smell.  A 2-0 Monday start was a nice way to kick-off this week (and for me, the season).  I spent last night celebrating with booze and burgers at the home of the Golden State Warriors.  But alas, no game was being played...just a concert.  However, as I looked up at the arena seats and soaked in the retired numbers of Tom, Alvin, Nate, Rick, and just got the blood pumping for some Thursday night TNT games!!  So let's not rest on our winnings, boys!  On to the matchups...

Monday Free NBA Picks - 12-1-08

Yaaaaawwwwn.  Man, it's been a long off-season.  It's tough going into hibernation like that.  But never fear, I'm back and ready for another season of free NBA picks here at!


What the... ?!?!  The NBA season is already under way?!?  Ah man...I can't believe I overslept.  Oh well, I'll spare you the "what i did this summer" story line and try to knock off the rust with some early picks for the Monday night games.  Someone get me a cup of coffee!  On to the matchups...

Thanksgiving Basketball Picks

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Happy ThanksgivingHappy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgving to all you who feel Turkey just isn't enough to satisfy your appetite, so you have to get a few wagers in there and make some money.  As we did last year at, we are going to be providing weekly Thursday night picks for the games on TNT.  With most teams having about 15 games under their belt, we should have a pretty good feel about what is going on in the NBA.  So...let's take a look at tonight's games between Orrland vs. Washington, and the Hornets at Nuggets.

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