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Tuesday Free NBA Picks - 12-23-08 (Utah Jazz vs. Milwaukee Bucks)

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Welcome back to a surprise free NBA pick here at  Consider me to be in the Xmas spirit after a good (but strange) week last Thursday.  I hit my spread prediction in the Orlando game, resulting in an easy victory.  But my pick of Portland -5 resulted in a tie.  Of course, if you didn't check my article for a few hours, then you might have taken advantage of the final -4.5 spread for a victory.  Oh well, considering it took a missed layup by Nash to end the game...I'll take the push and think of it as an early holiday gift.  Ho Ho Ho!  On to the matchup...

Thursday Free NBA Picks - 12-18-08

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Welcome back to some home cooked free NBA picks.  This week's recipe will include limited ingredients: San Antonio vs. Orlando and Phoenix vs. Portland.  But don't worry, as all great dishes are the simplest to make.  So before I start eating my computer with all this food talk, let's serve the main course and dig in.  On to the matchups...

Thursday Free NBA Picks - 12-11-08

Welcome back to another week of Thursday free NBA picks.  The article this week includes a Boston vs Washington pick, Charlotte vs Dallas pick, and Portland vs Utah pick.  So saddle up, and let's get right to it.  On to the matchups...

Boston (20-2) at Washington (4-15)
Hibachi!  Where have you gone?  These Wizards have fallen, and they can't get up.  Four wins?  FOUR wins?!?  How are they supposed to compete against the twenty wins Celtics?  Well, in the world of gambling, the records are fairly equal.  And I have a hard time giving up close to double digits to a home team.  Washington has been able to beat Detroit and keep things close against the Lakers and Trailblazers at home.  Let's assume the same will continue against the Celtics...even if Boston has had three days off.
Pick: Washington +9.5

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