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Thursday Free NBA Picks - 2-26-09

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Welcome back to, where big news is happening each week.  The Thursday Free NBA Picks are on an EIGHT FOR EIGHT games picked run.  That's three weeks of juicy Thursday nights, and we are ready for another.  Need I say more?  On to the matchups...

Thursday Free NBA Picks - 2-12-09

Welcome back to where the FREE NBA picks have been on FIRE!  That's right...we are  Did you go 3-0 last week?  Congratulations!!  Hopefully you took Indiana after the spread came out with that juicy extra half point (+5.5), giving you a win rather than a push.  And if you took Utah once the spread came out (-3.5), you were golden since the Jazz blew out the Mavs by 28.

So what do we have in store for you this week?  Lucky you, there is another triple shot of games on Thursday night.  Get your bets in now before a break in the NBA season with All-Star Weekend.  Oh yeah, baby.  On to the matchups...

Thursday Free NBA Picks - 1-22-09

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Welcome back to the lull that is Super Bowl media frenzy weeks!  So where are you gonna get your fix while the big bad NFL is on hiatus?!!  NBA!!  Free picks!!  Let's do it!  So much excitement, I can't take it.

Last week we had a nice 2-1 Thursday night, and a two OT games to peak the "fan interest" in all of us.  Too bad LeBron was feeling under the weather against Chicago.  He just couldn't dominate in the house of Jordan like I thought he would.  Oh well.  Live and learn, right?

This week, we only have two games, but each poses a dilemma in a different way.  Washington vs. Los Angeles is a mismatch.  Boston vs. Orlando is an Eastern Conference Final waiting to happen.  Either way you look at it, there's money to be had!  On to the matchups...

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