Who to Bet - Free NBA Picks http://whotobet.net/taxonomy/term/202/0 Free NBA Picks en Thursday Free NBA Picks - 4-9-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-4-9-09-14983 <p>Welcome back my <strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong> followers!  Are you sad that the NBA regular season is coming to an end?  I know I am.  It has proven to be better than a 401K in these troubling times.  TARP money?  Hell, banks should be bettin' with me!  The economy and John Q taxpayer would be in much better shape.  So rather than cry in our beers, let's focus on the short time we have left.  On to the matchups...</p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-4-9-09-14983">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-4-9-09-14983#comments Chicago Bulls Denver Nuggets Free NBA Picks Houston Rockets Los Angeles Lakers NBA Philadelphia 76ers Sacramento Kings Thu, 09 Apr 2009 03:14:12 +0000 chadman 14983 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 4-2-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-4-2-09-14871 <p>Welcome back to <strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong>!  This week we have a couple Eastern Conference teams basically going through the motions.  But don't let that get you down!  There is still money in them there hills.  Mine the gold and riches will be yours.  Remember, there are only two weeks left in the season.  On to the matchups...</p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-4-2-09-14871">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-4-2-09-14871#comments Cleveland Cavaliers Denver Nuggets Free NBA Picks Milwaukee Bucks NBA Philadelphia 76ers Utah Jazz Washington Wizards Thu, 02 Apr 2009 03:25:22 +0000 chadman 14871 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 3-26-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-26-09-14803 <p>Welcome back to the whotbet.net!  It took a few days, but I'm back and refreshed from my March Madness Vegas weekend.  The first half overs treated me well in Sin City, so I'm ready to put some of those winnings down on the NBA.  This week will be all about the numbers.  So bring out the calculator and prepare to battle.  On to the matchups... </p> <p><strong><a href="/nba/14802/los-angeles-lakers-vs-detroit-pistons">Los Angeles Lakers (56-14) vs. Detroit Pistons (34-36)</a></strong><br /> Detroit surprisingly beat LA at the Staples Center by 11 way back in November.  I see the opposite happening this time around as the Lakers travel to Detroit.  Three key starters for the Pistons are injured...Iverson, Hamilton, and Wallace.  Detroit is 11-25 ATS at home, while LA is 18-14 ATS away.  We missed a chance last week with LA against Golden State, but this matchup should have a single digit spread.<br /> <strong>Pick: Los Angeles -7.5</strong></p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-26-09-14803">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-26-09-14803#comments Chicago Bulls Detroit Pistons Free NBA Picks Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat NBA Phoenix Suns Portland Trail Blazers Thu, 26 Mar 2009 04:27:57 +0000 chadman 14803 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 3-19-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-19-09-14697 <p>Welcome back to your hot spot for all the picks you'll need over the next few days...<strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong>!!  We have FREE NBA picks, Fantasy Baseball advice, and a list of all the NCAA games where you can make your voice heard!  I'll be heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow, so I'm primed for some action.  I'll be building up my bank roll on NBA games, and then doubling down on some March Madness.  Don't shy away now.  On to the matchups... </p> <p><strong><a href="/nba/14696/dallas-mavericks-vs-atlanta-hawks">Dallas Mavericks (41-27) vs. Atlanta Hawks (40-28)</a></strong><br /> 40-28.  To see it in print is actually impressive.  Atlanta has put together quite the season.  Add to that a 19-13 record ATS at home, and I'm sold.  Oh, and FYI, down with the Mavs this year.  They have done nothing but crush me when I vote for them.<br /> <strong>Pick: Atlanta -6</strong></p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-19-09-14697">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-19-09-14697#comments Atlanta Hawks Cleveland Cavaliers Dallas Mavericks Free NBA Picks Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers NBA Portland Trail Blazers Thu, 19 Mar 2009 03:34:06 +0000 chadman 14697 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 3-12-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-12-09-14494 <p>Welcome back to another episode of Thursday night free NBA picks here at <strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong>!  Four great teams are scheduled to battle...well, three great teams and one that is still hanging on for dear life in the West.  Hold onto your hats.  On to the matchups... </p> <p><strong><a href="/nba/14490/los-angeles-lakers-vs-san-antonio-spurs">Los Angeles Lakers (51-13) vs. San Antonio Spurs (43-20)</a></strong><br /> LA had a nice come back victory over Houston on Wednesday night, and it took 37 from Kobe to get there.  San Antonio has been three for their last three (all at home), and should be ready to host this matchup.  I made the mistake of picking Dallas last week after success going against Mr. Cuban's boys much of this year.  Well, I've been riding the Spurs all year long with success...so I won't be breaking that trend this week.  Don't bet against Mr. Duncan!!!<br /> <strong>Pick: San Antonio </strong></p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-12-09-14494">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-12-09-14494#comments Cleveland Cavaliers Free NBA Picks Los Angeles Lakers NBA Phoenix Suns San Antonio Spurs Thu, 12 Mar 2009 04:01:20 +0000 chadman 14494 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 3-5-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-5-09-14234 <p>Welcome back to <strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong>, where all good things find their start!!  This week will be a quick write-up, so don't blink or you might miss the picks.  On to the matchups... </p> <p><strong><a href="/nba/14231/dallas-mavericks-vs-new-orleans-hornets">Dallas Mavericks (37-24) vs. New Orleans Hornets (37-22)</a></strong><br /> Dallas won a tough game Wednesday at home against in-state rival San Antonio.  The Hornets are on a 5 game winning streak, have had the last two days off, and have a 21-9 record at home.  Hmmm...common money is probably on New Orleans.  But since NO has a terrible record ATS, I'll take Dallas.<br /> <strong>Pick: Dallas </strong></p> <p><strong><a href="/nba/14230/portland-trail-blazers-vs-denver-nuggets">Portland Trail Blazers (37-22) vs. Denver Nuggets (39-22)</a></strong><br /> Denver is 17-11-1 ATS at home, while Portland is 12-18 ATS on the road.  Done.<br /> <strong>Pick: Denver </strong></p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-5-09-14234">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-3-5-09-14234#comments Dallas Mavericks Denver Nuggets Free NBA Picks NBA New Orleans Hornets Portland Trail Blazers Thu, 05 Mar 2009 04:57:26 +0000 chadman 14234 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 2-26-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-2-26-09-13967 <p>Welcome back to <strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong>, where big news is happening each week.  The Thursday Free NBA Picks are on an EIGHT FOR EIGHT games picked run.  That's three weeks of juicy Thursday nights, and we are ready for another.  Need I say more?  On to the matchups...</p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-2-26-09-13967">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-2-26-09-13967#comments Cleveland Cavaliers Free NBA Picks Houston Rockets Los Angeles Lakers NBA Phoenix Suns Thu, 26 Feb 2009 04:33:10 +0000 chadman 13967 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 2-12-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-2-12-09-13410 <p>Welcome back to where the FREE NBA picks have been on FIRE!  That's right...we are whotobet.net.  Did you go 3-0 last week?  Congratulations!!  Hopefully you took Indiana after the spread came out with that juicy extra half point (+5.5), giving you a win rather than a push.  And if you took Utah once the spread came out (-3.5), you were golden since the Jazz blew out the Mavs by 28. </p> <p>So what do we have in store for you this week?  Lucky you, there is another triple shot of games on Thursday night.  Get your bets in now before a break in the NBA season with All-Star Weekend.  Oh yeah, baby.  On to the matchups...</p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-2-12-09-13410">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-2-12-09-13410#comments Boston Celtics Chicago Bulls Dallas Mavericks Free NBA Picks Golden State Warriors Miami Heat NBA Portland Trail Blazers Thu, 12 Feb 2009 05:33:40 +0000 chadman 13410 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 1-22-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-1-22-09-12541 <p>Welcome back to the lull that is Super Bowl media frenzy weeks!  So where are you gonna get your fix while the big bad NFL is on hiatus?  <strong><a href="/">Whotobet.net</a></strong>!!  NBA!!  Free picks!!  Let's do it!  So much excitement, I can't take it. </p> <p>Last week we had a nice 2-1 Thursday night, and a two OT games to peak the &quot;fan interest&quot; in all of us.  Too bad LeBron was feeling under the weather against Chicago.  He just couldn't dominate in the house of Jordan like I thought he would.  Oh well.  Live and learn, right? </p> <p>This week, we only have two games, but each poses a dilemma in a different way.  Washington vs. Los Angeles is a mismatch.  Boston vs. Orlando is an Eastern Conference Final waiting to happen.  Either way you look at it, there's money to be had!  On to the matchups...</p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-1-22-09-12541">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-1-22-09-12541#comments Boston Celtics Free NBA Picks Los Angeles Lakers NBA Orlando Magic Washington Wizards Thu, 22 Jan 2009 05:05:09 +0000 chadman 12541 at http://whotobet.net Thursday Free NBA Picks - 1-15-09 http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-1-15-09-12258 <p>Welcome back to the hot spot for FREE NBA picks - <strong><a href="/">whotobet.net</a></strong>!  Have you noticed, eventhough the year is young, there already is so much to get excited about?!?  American Idol is back to ruin our brain cells.  A new president is about to take office.  And we started off the new year strong with a 2-0 Thursday night last week!! </p> <p>We have three games tomorrow, and since it's getting late tonight and I'm a little under the weather (boo hoo, I know), let's get to the picks!  On to the matchups...</p> <p><a href="http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-1-15-09-12258">read more</a></p> http://whotobet.net/content/thursday-free-nba-picks-1-15-09-12258#comments Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers Denver Nuggets Free NBA Picks NBA New Jersey Nets Phoenix Suns Portland Trail Blazers Thu, 15 Jan 2009 05:33:16 +0000 chadman 12258 at http://whotobet.net