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Free MLB Pick 7-8-08

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Call it Deja Vu, or whatever you want, but as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Last night we gave you the winner in the Marlins and to be honest, I think it can happen again.  The Marlins will put their young wannabe stud on the mound against one of the more streaky pitchers for the Padres.  The Marlins' Andrew Miller stands 6 foot 7 inches and can throw some good stuff, but consistent walks and a horrible BABIP (.341) have plagued him this year.  On any night he can go out and strike out 10 or give up 10, you just never know.  But what about Wolf you say...

Free MLB Pick 7-7-08

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The Padres and the Fish, aka Marlins, will square off tonight in what can only be described as a pitcher's ballpark.  It actually ranks 27 out of 30 for hitter's, which means it is a pitcher's dream.  Tonight on the mound will be Nolasco and Maddux.  Both of these guys have seen their fortunes go in different directions, much like the teams they represent.  So...who will we pick tonight...on to the matchup....

Free MLB Pick 7-5-08

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The Red Sox and Yankees are looking at each other and saying to themselves "Who are the Rays?"  They sent 2nd and 3rd respectively in the AL East, so tonight's game has huge implications.  The Red Sox won the first two of this series in the Bronx, and the Yanks and Rivera held on to win yesterday.  However, who to bet on?  On to the matchup...

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