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Free MLB Pick 7-17-08

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Whew!  I think I just recovered from staying up watching the All Star Game.  I can't help but to wish that it had gone another inning or so to see what the managers were going to do for pitching.  The announcers kept babbling on about a possible stop to the game, but I doubt they would have done that.  Imagine if you were at the game and they said that after staying there for almost 5 would be ticked.  Anyways, it was an absolutely great game, and if you didn't watch it, I'm sure it will be on ESPN classic shortly.  Now, on to the matchup...

San Diego Padres +103 at St. Louis Cardinals -113

Free MLB Pick 7-11-08

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Today we have a very intriguing matchup between a young, soon to be phenom in Joba Chamberlain, and an established ace on the mound in Roy Halladay.  Joba garnered a lot of attention earlier this year when the Yankee starters were struggling, and slowly but surely went from a relief role, to a limited pitch count starter, to a full fledged starter.  This entire year has been excellent with a 2.45 ERA.  His WHIP isn't stellar at 1.35, but he seems to be getting the job done.  But what about Halladay?

Free MLB Pick 7-9-08

Tonights feature matchup pits the Seattle Pilots vs. the Oakland Oaks. Errrr, make it the Mariners against the A's, with a nod to their former PCL bretheren.  As a matter of fact the PCL lineups of both of these teams might be as good as the current lineups.  The A's trot out an infield of Hanahan, Petit, Ellis and Bankston.  They've had a weak hitting catcher batting clean up of late.  All this and they sit at -1.63.  Why?  A bit of smoke and a bit of mirrors.  Not to mention that the Mariners are having struggles of their own.  The poster boy of their season is Richie Sexson, who not only isn't hitting his weight, he isn't hitting his weight less Ichiro.  However, despite the Mariners struggles, a -1.63 discount is way to much to place on the A's in their current state.  Take the M's and look for a low scoring game decided by the pens.

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