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Free MLB Pick 7-23-08

Today's pick of the day pits the Atlanta Braves against the Florida Marlins.  The money line is essentially even with a 7.5 under over.  The pitching match up is a very erratic Tim Hudson vs. a very mediocre Ricky Nolasco.  The 7.5 line looks like a cherry with the over screaming for your money.  Nolasco is pitching over his head, and the combined era's of the starting pitchers for the year almost gets you to the 7.5.  Nay my friend, the year's era is a small sample size, and their established levels (not so fast, Ricky) call this into question.  Bet the over and watch the Braves score enough to buy you a steak dinner. 

Free MLB Pick 7-20-08

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Tonight should be a close one, and the odds agree.  Currently Boston is at EVEN and the Angels are at -110.  It's going to be Wakefield for Boston, and Garland for the Angels.  As you know, we love to pick Wakefield, and tonight is no exception.  We are getting even money on a pitcher that has had a 2.19 ERA over his past 9 starts.  The Red Sox, however, are in a slump on the road, and look to avoid losing their 4th straight.  Either way, take the even money and the knuckleballer tonight.  Enjoy.

 Boston Red Sox EVEN at Los Angeles Angels -110

Free MLB Pick 7-18-08

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Can you believe that both Peavy and Johan Santana had losing efforts last night?  It's hard enough picking winners, much less having to know when the two top pitchers in the league the last couple of years are going to stink up the field on the same night.  Anyways, tonight we have a very peculiar matchup that I have yet to figure out as to why one team is favored over the other.  Onto the matchup.

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