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Sunday night baseball free pick 8-17-2008

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No one has won a series against the Rays since before the All Star break, and if you remember they lost their last 7 games before the break, and everyone was jumping off the bandwagon.  Well, what do the experts know, as they currently lead the AL East.  On to the matchup...

Today's Free MLB Pick 8-12-2008

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If you are like me, finding a closer can be tough in fantasy baseball.  I had Heilman for the Mets while Wagner is out, and sure enough he got shelled again yesterday.  And, as luck would have it, it presented a nice opportunity for my other spot closer Yates to get the Save, but since he has been shelled recently also, nothing came of it.  So, instead I get .1 IP and 3 ER, no saves.  Well, I don't think the same scenario will repeat itself tonight, so onto the matchup.

Another Free MLB Pick 8-11-08

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If you are like me, then your fantasy world is probably restricted from now through the rest of the season because of our league's trade deadline.  However, that doesn't restrict us from making some money on the MLB games each day.  Tonight we have the Tigers against the Jays.  These teams should have different records, with the Tigers being a lot better, and the Jays a little worse.  However, as fate would have it, there is a .5 game difference between the who to bet?

Toronto Blue Jays +153 at Detroit Tigers -168 

With odds like this and records like they have, you know we are going to pick the Jays in this one.  Marcum started off hot this year, but just notched his first win since May 26 in his last start.  Hopefully, this will get him back in gear and start getting the Jays some more wins, not that we care about their future, but we do care about tonight.

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