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Free MLB Pick 4-22-2008

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Bet on the Giants?Bet on the Giants?Big on the Giants? 

Tonight in Arizona, we have the first five star general of the year.  All of the criteria is ripe for a huge D-Back win.  At home.  A dominant B Webb on the mound against a struggling Zito, backed by an anemic offense.  All this combined tells us what?  Go big on the Giants. 

Free MLB Pick 4-21-2008

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Justin Germano (Stud?)Justin Germano (Stud?)It's time to start the picks for the MLB.  We'll be bringing you random MLB picks throughout the season, as well as guaranteed picks for Tuesday night and Sunday night baseball.  Tonight we have a matchup that looks like we are getting some good odds with San Diego going against Houston.  As you have probably noticed, we have gotten rid of the +/-1.5 spread and moved over to picking games against the moneyline.  Makes it easier to determine a winner, and you can really make some good money if you know how to pick 'em.  On to the matchup.

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