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Sunday night Free MLB Pick 8-31-2008

The world of football has started, but that doesn't mean we are going to abandon our MLB picks.  Tonight it's going to be the Diamondback versus the Dodgers, with Brandon Webb on the mound for Arizona, and Derek Lowe on the mound for the Dodgers.  Webb has been good all season, Lowe has been good in his last 4 outings.  Therefore, we are most likely looking at a pitchers duel.  On to our pick...

Monday Night MLB Pick 8-26-2008

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Tonight's matchup between San Diego and Arizona is going to be a snoozer if you are into seeing a lot of runs scored.  Two of the best pitchers in the majors in Haren and Peavy will square off tonight, and strangely enough, Peavy is actually favored in this one.  Not by much, just enough that it peeked our interest...On to the matchup.

Arizona Diamondbacks -103 at San Diego Padres -107 

The Diamondbacks are exactly 20 games ahead of the Padres in the NL West.  That is right, they are 20 Games ahead!  So, no matter who you have in the mound, unless it is Cy Young himself, it is most likely a good option to bet against the team that is 20 Games behind, especially when they are the favorite.  

Friday Night Free MLB PIck 8-22-2008

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The Marlins are an intriguing team this year.  They are currently 6 back of the Mets and 2.5 back of the Phillies.  They are young and talented, and seem to befuddle the traditional thought of Money Ball.  Last year, despite horrific attendance, they were the most profitable team in Baseball, by more than double any other team.  Tonight, they will put what else, a young stud on the mound in Anibal Sanchez.  On to the matchup...

Florida Marlins +185 at Arizona Diamondbacks -210 

At +185 you would expect a sub-par pitcher on the mound for the Marlins, but they have Anibal Sanchez out there, who is 2-2 since his return, and has been good in all but one outing thus far.  And let's be honest, he was a stud back in 2006 as a rookie, when he no-hit the Diamondbacks and finished with a sub 3.00 ERA.  

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