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Hello Mr. Polanco

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Placido Polanco on FirePlacido Polanco on FireBack on the 25th of April I wrote about how you shouldn't give up on Mr. Placido Polanco if you were his fantasy owner, and that you should try to buy low on Polanco from another manager if you didn't already own him.  Well, it's time for an update at what has happened since that time.

Fantasy Baseball Two Step - Pierre vs Bourn

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What was he thinking? Maybe he wasn't thinking? I think our good old friend Jason Castro had a little too much to smoke this week on American Idol. Well it looks like the dishes are done for him this week, unless some kind of miracle happens. I doubt that miracle will happen though, because all his fans were probably trying to find the closest Taco Bell after his performance, and not dialing the phone. Do potheads even know how to dial 7 digits? It's not all bad news Jason though, I heard there is an opening at Theta Chi at San Diego State. Ugh.

Also, I think Hillary might have sailed her last boat too. It seems that with Obama's strong perfomance last night he should take the nomination. Hillary will probably keep on going, and drag her party down with her. She just needs to suck it up, and say congrats to the Obama man. Yes We Can!

Now to baseball.

Juan Pierre vs Michael Bourn Identity

Adenhart's Debut

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Nick Adenhart was not a typical 14th round pick in 2004.  The 6’4” high schooler from Maryland was among the top high school prospects in the country before undergoing Tommy John surgery his senior year.  Many in the industry figured he’d go off to North Carolina to strengthen his arm and polish his star, and teams didn’t want to pay the bonus money assuredly required to sway him from playing college ball.  The Angels took a flyer on him and were able to ink him to a deal despite the large bonus demands. 

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