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They Call Me Bruce

The box score tells the story.  For Jay Bruce, night in and night out, the box score has been telling the same story.  But does it tell the whole story?  Can Jay Bruce play Centerfield in the Majors?  Can Jay Bruce hit left handed pitching?  When will Jay Bruce get the chance?


After starting last year as a young prospect in high A, he finished the year by dominating the International League.  There is only one challenge left, and that is roaming the outfield for the big club.

Chase Headley: Fantasy Baseball profile

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There is a lot of speculation about this young kid Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres.  He's a third baseman, although I'm not quite sure he is going to be able to live up to Braun type numbers.  Braun came out last year and basically set the world on fire, but if you had studied his Minor League numbers, you could see that he was a stud...belting 15 HR in 2006 in just 59 games, and then 10 HRs in just 34 games in 2007.  Basically, he is an animal.  However, I'm not seeing the same type of numbers for Headley, despite the fact he is considered one of the top prospects out there.  Let's look at Headley's numbers...

Edinson Volquez: Fantasy Player Analysis

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If you drafted Edinson Volquez expecting any where near the results that he is experiencing, then I would call you a liar, and/or smarter than me.  Most people like to look at a Pitcher's ERA and WHIP, which are definitely important, but how you get there can be more indicative of how the pitcher is actually doing.  BABIP is a great measuring stick as it pretty much eliminates some of the luck involved.  Currently Volquez is sporting a BABIP of .300, which is pretty much exactly on par with the MLB average.  Therefore, not only is he not getting lucky, his ERA and WHIP are legit. 

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