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Hafner goes on the DL

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What happend to Hafner?What happend to Hafner?Travis Hafner has been a collossal disappointment this year, and if you owned him last year you probably weren't too happy either.  In 2006 he hit a whopping 42 HRs, yet he hasn't even come close to that level of performance since.  Currently, I own him in my fantasy league, and I couldn't be happier to see him take some timeout on the DL.  Heck, in a 6 keeper league, he was one of my keepers, and I dropped Torii Hunter and Carlos Guillein to keep him.  Therefore, I have been struggling with the inevitablel question of whether or not to drop him for his lacklust performance.  What I didn't know until this week is that he has been struggling with a sore shoulder.  Geez, I sure wish someone told me that earlier.  The other downside is that he has been riding the pine the past week with no stats, and not until today did they put him on the DL.  Let's further into the numbers.

Percival Down!

Troy Percival OUCH!Old man Troy on a strike out pitch today fell to the ground in a heap. Grabbing his hamstring he tried to stay in the game and pitch, but it wasn't happening. This probably looks serious, and I would look to grab Wheeler if you are hurting for saves. Wheeler's stats have been pretty good this year, and if he closes for the next week or even longer  you could be stealing some saves from the Percival owner. Run now grab some wheels!!! 

Welcome to the Majors

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Jay BruceJay BruceWe've all heard about him, or at least those in the know had, but anyone that follows fantasy baseball should know about him now.  Jay Bruce was a highly touted prospect for the Reds, and now he is a highly touted Major Leaguer.  Jay Bruce is so good, that someone in my fantasy league, which doesn't have a bench spot (don't get me started), actually picked up Bruce a few weeks ago and has been getting zero stats for his team since that time.  Lucky for him it was only a few weeks, but as he said..."the risk is worth the reward."

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