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2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (2B)

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Howdy All,
The problem with second base in fantasy is that its not very deep. In real life the 2B is used mostly for defense. Teams want quick fielders who can move and field and usually provide Bad Hip? I don't think so!Bad Hip? I don't think so!little power. That is what you are going to find here. After pretty much the top 3, you are going to have to figure out what you team needs. I usually try to find my speed guys in the MI spot. You want a good hitter who will hit for average and provide some steals to balance out power hitters you selected at first. You can find guys like Uggla here that just hit bombs, but its far and few between. Its not a pretty position and the table falls off fast. If you don't get one of the elite, then your best bet is too just wait and fill up your other positions first. Don't panic, because you can always find rookies, or surprises in the middle of the season at the two spot.

2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (1B)

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Smell of black pine tar, fresh blades of grass, grape bubbles of Big League chew. The crack of the bat, the pop of the mitt, the rustle of dirt. What's that you say? Is it true? Yes it is. We have finally arrived at another glorious season of fantasy baseball. The offseason as always was long and drawn We again had major stories of steroids. Unlike previous years it wasn't villains like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens. It was Baseball's King that fell on the sword this year. We might as well face it, probably everyone of our stars took something that gave them an advantage. Will it all come out? Probably not. We just have to accept it and move on. Do we here at care if Arod took roids? Hell no. We just want stats, stats, and more stats.

Damaso Marte Traded to Yankees

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The latest fantasy news is that Damaso Marte, the current closer for Pittsburgh, and Xavier Nady have been traded to the Yankees.  This means, it is time to go out and get either Yates or Grabow, as the closer role has yet to be defined by the Pirates.  Rumor has it that Yates is the favorite, but you never know.

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