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2009 Projections

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We've done a good amount of analysis to find players that we think will turn it around, and I'd like to share with you that ZIPS has released their latest projections for the remainder of the season.  This spreadsheet should give you a good idea of what players will do for your team the rest of the season.  A great tool for analyzing trades and potential rookies.  Crazily enough, I didn't find A-Rod anywhere on the sheet, but that is probably b/c he hasn't played yet.  Enjoy.

2009, ZiPS In-Season Projections:  Hitters through April 28


Is Verlander Back?

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Is Verlander Back?Is Verlander Back?Justin Verlander was one of the big disappointments of 2008.  He had 2 good years, then fell off the wagon last year.  This year started pretty much the same with Verlander getting shelled time in and time out.  However, let's look closer at the numbers.  Verlander was still striking out a ton of batters, his BB/9 were actually down, but what was different was his BABIP and his LOB%.  Normally a pitchers' left on base percentage is around the 70% mark, but as of today he is at just 50%, as was down in the 30% range before his last good outing aginst the Yanks.  Basically, hits were coming in bunches instead of being spread out like normal.  However, should we believe this...let's take a look at his velocity.

Hitters with upside

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In my on-going quest to find the "deal of the century" with a trade, I am always looking at stats like BABIP, K% and LD% (Line-Drive %).  Basically, is the guy hitting ball, is he hitting it hard, and is he just getting lucky or unlucky.  BABIP is a category that needs to be compared with other categories like LD% to get an accurate picture.  So, in my first installment, here are some notable names that may be worth trying to get as their batting average is due to rise as their BABIP moves closer to the mean. (minimum 20 ABs)

1. Lance Berkman (.171) ...currently sporting a .169 BA, and a .171 BABIP.  This is a guy who normally is around the.300 mark for BABIP.  His numbers are going to start to creep north, and his K% should start to decrease as he starts to see the ball better throughout the year.

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