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Don't give up on Carlos Quentin

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Carlos Quentin started the year off HOT, I mean extremely hot!  After just 12 days of baseball, Quentin already had hit 7 HRs and was looking like he may even eclipse last year's breakout performance.  Unfortunately, it has been pretty much all down hill since then.  He has seen his average drop from .302 down to an abysmal .237, and he has only had 1 HR since then, and that was almost 2 weeks ago.  So, what in the world is going on with him?

Pretenders and Contenders (Pitchers)

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First installment of the Pretenders and Contenders when it comes to Pitchers. A pitcher, unlike a hitter, should always regress to the mean of about .300 for BABIP. Here are some pitchers that are either getting really unlucky or really lucky. What you need to look for are those who are keeping their BB/9 low, and have a high K/BB ratio. Finally, if a pitcher has a very low (lower than 60%) Left on Base % (LOB%), then they are most likely going to start to do very well also.

Chris Davis is a K machine!

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Keep your eye on the BallKeep your eye on the BallAs I was scanning my fantasy baseball team I noticed that Chris Davis is battling a measily .193, which I daresay is hurting my average for sure.  I decided to look into his BABIP and noticed that he is at a respectable .275, which should be a bit higher, but good enough.  Then I happened to look at his HR/FB%, and saw that he is actually up in that category over 2008 by almost 10%.  So, what is the problem here?  Well, I scanned across the page and saw his K%, which is at an amazing 47.7%!  That is high enough to currently lead the majors.  This K% is going to come down probably closer to the mid 30s by year end, but it's still amazing he is so high as of right now.  Here are the current leaders in K%, both good and bad.

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