WhoToBet.net Official Blog First Post

I have decided to keep a blog of the most recent happening's here at WhoToBet.net. First let me start off by saying it has been a great few months while we get this site off the ground, and all your comments and feedback are welcome. I started this site as a way for people for get some insight on who to bet when a game that intrigues them comes up. The first two sports added were the NFL and College Football, and we have slowly added the NBA and most recently College Basketball. Eventually we will be adding the NHL and the MLB when that starts back up in the string.

The site started off with myself writing for both the NFL and College Football, and I have since passed on the NFL duties to 'txcassidy' and have added a couple of other authors ('chadman' and 'The Leader') to write for the NBA Games and College Basketball games. The free College Football picks usually come out by Wednesday, and the NFL picks are usually out by Friday, although we are hoping to push that forward a couple of days. Right now, the NBA picks article come out on Wednesday night or Thursday morning and focuses on the TNT Thursday night game. However, 'chadman' is constantly adding his insight to other games throughout the week. College Basketball will follow along the same lines as the NBA with one article a week (probably Wednesday) and will focus on those night games, along with comments posted throughout the week.

So, that is the site in a nutshell and where we stand today. I am constantly upgrading the site with new features, such as the "Recent Votes" column a couple weeks ago. As a matter of fact last night I upgraded the entire backend to the latest stable release of Drupal. Therefore, please let me know your thoughts on what should be added or what is not working well. This is a community site for sports betting, and I want the theme/focus/usability to be community driven. Thanks again, and good luck.