Week 4 College Football Picks

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Really?  We are already in to week 4?  Geez, time is flying by, and there have already been 4 or 5 top 5 teams go down to inferior opponents, the most recent being an ugly game last night between South Carolina and Ole Miss.  So, what do we have on the plate for us to feast on tomorrow?  Well, we've got a great matchup b/t Va. Tech and Miami, but I am not going to try and be the hero and predict the outcome of that one.  However, the following games should peek your interest as possible winners.

 Florida State -14 over USF

FSU has struggled, and although this is a bit of a homer pick, I have to feel that the Seminoles are finally getting in the groove.  The put up a ton of points against the two best teams they have played this year, and after the Jacksonville State debacle, I don't see the coaches letting them have another let down game.

Cal -5.5 over Oregon

Oregon has been impressive, but an early loss to Boise State and a nail biter against Purdue and I don't see them being able to hang with Cal.  However, this is Cal, and they are notorious for finding a way to lose before their big matchup with USC.  Still, with Best in the backfield, I don't see Oregon slowing them down.

Purdue +7 over Notre Dame

Notre Dame is still not the great force it used to be.  Michigan proved that, and Michigan State almost followed suit last week.  Purdue is playing at home, and they should be lively enough to cause Clausen to make some costly mistakes.