Week 1 College Football Picks

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Wahoo!!  Doesn't it feel great to have football back.  Tomorrow is our first Saturday of the season, and for those of you who love their College Gameday, be sure to get those DVRs set.  They'll give you all the inside information about teams and who will win and lose, but they don't care about the spread, and we all know the spread is what matters.  So let's look at this week's games.


Michigan -3 over UCONN


Michigan, more specifically, Rodriguez, is coming into this season on the hot seat.  You honestly can't expect a coach to come into a new team and flip a switch instantaneously, but you also don't expect things to get worse.  Rich Rodriguez is 8-16 since coming to Michigan.  He is 7-8 at home, and a dismal 1-8 on the road.  The good news is that this game is at home.  The better news is that Michigan is returning 15 starters this year.  The bad news is that UCONN is return 16 starters!  Last year UCONN surprised me by staying close to UNC early in the season, and they are 3-0 in road openers recently, but with this being a home game for Michigan, and Rich on the hot seat, I'll take the wolverines.


 Alabama -37.5 over San Jose State


 No Ingram, no problem.  Alabama is going to be a juggernaut, and SJSU is going to be bad.  They were a dismal 2-10 last year, and while returning 15 starters this year, Alabama is no way to start your season.  They started with USC to open last year's season, and had a nice 34 point spread.  The result?  A 56-3 loss.  Alabama is just too much, even with this many points.


 UNC vs LSU Under 44


We've all heard about UNC's suspensions, and if you haven't, just do a quick search.  Basically, UNC is losing 13 players, 8 of which are starters.  Everyone is expecting LSU to now look at the UNC defense as swiss cheese.  Backups can get confused easily, but a good defense is deep, and they will be fine.  On the flip side, UNCs offense is horrible, and Tyler Yates could find himself benched early if he struggles.  Either way, I don't see a lot of points in this one.