Week 1 College Football Picks

If you happened to just watch the games last night, then you would be hard pressed to think College Football was worth watching at all.  Between NC State and South Carolina combining for only 10 points, and Boise State and Oregon, supposedly two of the most prolific offensives in the country, only combining for 27 points when the Over/Under was in the 60s, college football fans were left bored and somewhat blue-balled.  Then comes the action though...Blount knocks out Hout.  Is it any coincidence that if you took the first letter of Blount with the first letter of Hout, that you get a Bout??  Anyways, Blount is done for the season (and he should be), and we have games to pick...

With just a couple hours til kickoff, there's not a lot of time for me to elaborate on my picks, but I wanted to get them out to you...so here goes.

Oklahoma -22.5 over BYU...  with Bradford back, OU is going to man handle the cougars.  BYU may score 30+, but OU will still cover.

Penn State -27 over Akron... JoePa is looking to go undefeated this season, and has a good shot at it.  Akron is just dust in the wind to him.

San Jose State +33 over USC...  Freshman QB for USC spells doom for covering a large spread early in the year.  Look for lots of turnovers in this one by the young kid.