Is Verlander Back?

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Is Verlander Back?Is Verlander Back?Justin Verlander was one of the big disappointments of 2008.  He had 2 good years, then fell off the wagon last year.  This year started pretty much the same with Verlander getting shelled time in and time out.  However, let's look closer at the numbers.  Verlander was still striking out a ton of batters, his BB/9 were actually down, but what was different was his BABIP and his LOB%.  Normally a pitchers' left on base percentage is around the 70% mark, but as of today he is at just 50%, as was down in the 30% range before his last good outing aginst the Yanks.  Basically, hits were coming in bunches instead of being spread out like normal.  However, should we believe this...let's take a look at his velocity.

Last year Verlander's fastball had dipped a few mph, but this year he is simply torching the ball again.  His last game against the Yankees his average fastball was 95+mph with a high of 99 mph!  With a scorcher of a fastball like that it's no question why his K ratio is so high.  Go get him if you can get a good deal.