Thursday Free NBA Picks - 2-26-09

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Welcome back to, where big news is happening each week.  The Thursday Free NBA Picks are on an EIGHT FOR EIGHT games picked run.  That's three weeks of juicy Thursday nights, and we are ready for another.  Need I say more?  On to the matchups...

Cleveland Cavaliers (44-11) vs. Houston Rockets (36-21)
I was a bit surprised to see the Rockets record at 36 wins, especially after McGrady's injury ended his season.  But as can happen, the fall of a star has rallied the team.  Artest has been a force in Tracy's absence, but this Thursday he will have the task of focusing on one LeBron James.  Early spreads show Cleveland is only favored by 2, and that has a lot to do with Houston's 23-6 straight up record at home.  Unfortunately, Houston's record ATS at home is a whimpy 13-14-1.  Give the minor points, and take the King.
Pick: Cleveland -2

Phoenix Suns (32-24) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (47-10)
Wow.  This game has a few interesting sub plots going on.  First, Nash Richardson, and Kobe all have ankle injuries...but everyone should be good to go for Thursday.  Second, Kobe and Shaq will be sharing the stage, just as they did in the All-Star game.  Everyone ready for a couple awkward hugs?  And finally, the Suns have thrown defense out the window with their new coach, putting up an average of 128 over their last five games.  Look for this to be a shootout.  LA hasn't had a good record ATS at home (14-16), but Phoenix is even worse ATS on the road (11-16-1).  There's no spread out yet, but I'd bet it'll be around 4.5 in favor of LA.  Just as with the Cavs, give the points and take Black Mamba.
Picks: LA Lakers

So there you have it.  Two power house teams giving points and handling business.  Will I be writing about a 10-0 streak next week?  Tune in to find out.  Until then...