Sweet 16 ... did you get them all right?

Memphis is BackMemphis is BackI don't know about the rest of you, but the people in my bracket pool are absolutely on fire.  I should've known something was up when after Day 1 some guy had gotten 16 of 16 games correctly predicted. I heard somewhere that of the 5 million entries on ESPN, only 20,000 of those had 16 of 16 correct, which equates to less than 1/2 of 1 percent. I'm sure glad one of those guys is in my league!

After the Sweet 16 was complete, over 5% of the people in my brackets had 15 of 16 teams correct!! One of them only missed Washington, which means he got the Arizona team correct? Who are these people, and why in the world hasn't that knowledge filtered down to me somehow. My brackets are pretty busted, but there are always second chance pools right? Anyways, let's take a look at those teams that are looking good, and those that are just squeaking by.
Memphis has shown the world that they are actually good even without Derrick Rose at the helm. Of course, they would be a lot better if they had him, but after being only like the 3rd team in the history of the tournament not to get a #1 seed with 30+ regular season wins, they have definitely proven their point, especially in their most recent annihilation of Maryland, whose player made the unfortunate mistake of saying Memphis would only go .500 if they were in the ACC...gulp!

Speaking of the ACC, talk about a pathetic display. There were all sorts of hopes on my end about FSU going to at least the Sweet 16 for a matchup against Lewass' Pitt Panthers, only to have those dreams smashed in the first round. Maryland, Clemson and especially Wake Forest all were snubbed out also, leaving only the perennial powers of Duke and UNC to carry the reigns. Luckily for the ACC, UNC is looking like one of the top teams right now, especially with Ty Lawson back in the lineup. Fear them, respect them, and pray you don't have to play them right now.

The other team that is looking strong is UCONN. I'm not a big believer in them, but after seeing how they have done in the first two rounds, you have to believe they are ready. The good news, and I give much respect to the selection committee for this, is that they will have to face Memphis for the right to go to the Final Four. If you are going to snub a 30+ win team out of a #1 seed, at least give them a chance to beat the same team that you put above them...aka. UCONN.

A #1 team that has looked somewhat vulnerable is Louisville. They are long and lanky, but had a hard time with Siena. The good news for them is they get the lowest seed in the tournament that is still alive...Arizona. Arizona squeaked into the tourny, and I do mean squeaked, but they have proven their worth, and I'm expecting a close one against Louisville.
Until later, there you have it, a short recap of the Sweet 16. Enjoy.