Pitt vs. UCONN Big Monday Basketball Pick

Well, Mr. Lewass is off a trip, so he has "phoned" in his selection for tonight's gigantic matchup between UCONN and Pitt.  Before I get to that though, let me say that I had the opportunity to watch UCONN play the other day, and was nothing but impressed.  They are tall, athletic, and seemed next to unstoppable, which is probably why they are #1 in the country as of right now.  However, our good friend Mr. Lewass has other ideas.

Pittsburgh +3 at Connecticut

Mr. Lewass' Pitt Panthers are in for it tonight.  They have to go to UCONN against a hostile crowd, and somehow knock off the #1 team in the country.  Both teams are averaging in the high 70's in points scored, while only giving up about 60 points.  UCONN has a winning record at 12-9 ATS, whereas Pitt is an impressive 13-6 ATS.  So, who do you think Mr. Lewass picked...you betcha...Pitt.  Not only is he calling for them to win, but to win straight up.  Go Panthers.