Miami vs Wake Forest & Duke vs. Clemson ACC Picks

Jeff Teague is goooodJeff Teague is goooodWhat in the world am I doing talking about Basketball on National Signing Day for Football?  Well, we will come back to the signing day news, but we need to get you updated on the best conference in basketball...the ACC.  Forget about the Big East, stick with the tried and true ACC. 

3 of the 4 top ACC teams are in action tonight, with Duke, Wake Forest and Clemson all representing.  Miami is the lone unranked team in the mix this evening, but don't count them out just yet.  Remember, they were ranked #17 to start the season, and if it weren't for a few recent close losses, they would still be in the fold.  So, let's get down to the real number and our picks for tonight.

Wake Forest -3 (-105) at Miami Florida

Looking at these two teams' records, and how well Wake Forest has played thus far this year, I am shocked to see a line of only -3 out there for the Deacons.  Miami is a good team, but they are on a little bit of a slide right now, and given that they have Wake, Duke and UNC coming up next, it may seem a little too overwhelming for them.  With 3 straight ACC losses, 2 of which came in OT, they need this win to get back on the map.  Unfortunately, as my dad said, Wake is probably the most athletic team in the country. Their defensive play is stellar, and since Miami is a 3 pt shooting team, it is going to be hit or miss for them. 

Based on the teams record ATS, Miami is a dismal 1-5 ATS at home this year.  Wake on the other hand is a strong 4-2 ATS against ACC foes.  Unless Wake comes in with the expectation they are going to roll in this one, they will be able to cover the spread.

Duke -4 at Clemson +4 

What a great matchup we have in this one.  Clemson is ranked #10, and its only two losses have against top 5 teams in UNC and Wake Forest.  The good news for them, is that if they can get a win tonight against a top Duke team, they can show the country that they belong.  Unfortunately for them, Duke just lost last week, which usually means they won't lose again very shortly.  With comments like this from Henderson ... "There's got to be some kind of fire in you after a loss, and it's
nothing like you just try to show...It's just
something that's there. Because the last time you played, the last time
people saw you play, you were a loser. We don't want to be seen as

Those words came to fruition in Duke's first game back after their loss as they blew out Virginia by 25 points.  I seriously doubt that is going to happen this evening, but I do think they will win.  The Clemson crowd is going to be revved up, but everyone will have in the back of their mind that they have lost 9 straight home games to Duke.  So, when the chips start falling, so will the crowd noise.  Duke has Clemson's number, and that is a fact.  Take the Blue Devils.