Hitters with upside

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In my on-going quest to find the "deal of the century" with a trade, I am always looking at stats like BABIP, K% and LD% (Line-Drive %).  Basically, is the guy hitting ball, is he hitting it hard, and is he just getting lucky or unlucky.  BABIP is a category that needs to be compared with other categories like LD% to get an accurate picture.  So, in my first installment, here are some notable names that may be worth trying to get as their batting average is due to rise as their BABIP moves closer to the mean. (minimum 20 ABs)

1. Lance Berkman (.171) ...currently sporting a .169 BA, and a .171 BABIP.  This is a guy who normally is around the.300 mark for BABIP.  His numbers are going to start to creep north, and his K% should start to decrease as he starts to see the ball better throughout the year.

2.  Eric Byrnes (.158)... What do you do with a guy who hit 20 HRs and stole 50 SBs just two years ago, and basically went bust last year.  Well, if you were looking at him after the first week, you would think it was another bust, however, after this week, with his HRs and SBs coming along again...who knows.  Just think of it this way, as of last week, he had a BABIP of .083!! 

3.  Geovony Soto (.161)  ... for a guy who stormed the league last year as a productive catcher in someone's fantasy lineup, so far nothing good has come of him this year.  With a BABIP of .161 though, he is sure to increase his overall average from .128, and also start hitting for power.

4.  Jimmy Rollins (.172) ... Here is another guy who is supposed to be carrying someone's fantasy team to the promised land, but thanks to some unlucky BABIP, his avg. is only .162.  The bad news for fans is that he hasn't even attempted a SB yet this year...then again, when you don't get on base very often, what do you expect.  He'll turn it around, although the power from a couple years ago might not be as prevelant.

5.  J.J. Hardy (.178) ... A power hitting MI is something to be valued, so when you decide to draft him somewhat early, or in the case of our league decide to keep him, then you better get your monies worth.  A .175 BA and a 6% increase in K% is no way to start the season.  His BABIP will start to come back up, and that should give him a little more confidence at the plate to not swing at the garbage.  He'll do fine.