Free Super Bowl Prop Bets

Howdy All,

We are back. I hate the one week off crap that the NFL pulls. I guess it was implemented it to make more money for the cities. I think it does more harm than good. It loses the momentum for the teams, fans, and the sport in general. Everyone gets bored with the week off, and the weekend before is just brutal. You go 17 weeks with football, and then you're stuck with nothing for a weekend. What kind of crap is that. Well the next few days we are going to be looking at some of the weirder prop bets that are out their for the big game. I think the prop bets are the best thing about Super Bowl. You can bet on anything, and it really takes the game to the next lever. So lets dive in and see what's cooking. 

How many times will NBC show Brenda Warner on TV during the game? Over/Under 3.5

HAHA. She's back in prime time. The lovely Frankenstein wife of Kurt iWhat happend to Frankenstein?What happend to Frankenstein?s again going to be on the big screen. Lets see. If Kurt gets creamed by a sack they probably show her. If the game is close near the end the probably show her. If the Cardinals are winning near the end they probably show her. Now I don't know if all that is great for our eyeballs, but I like the over in this one. There are just too many possibilities for her to make the screen. Hell they might even interview her. 

How long will it take Jennifer Hudson to sing the National Anthem? Over/Under 1:54

The former American Idol star gets the lead in the Super Bowl this year. The great thing about this bet is that we have some history to look at with theLook at the pipes on her.Look at the pipes on her. AI singer. She just recently sang at the Democratic National Convention a few months back. In that performance she sang the anthem in 2:01. You can also go to YouTube and check her other anthems out, and most of them have been way over the 1:54 mark. I think she is on the main stage in front of millions and will try to hold the big notes, and improvise some here and there. I say take the over in this one and hope she hams it up some. 

What color will Bill Bidwill's bow tie be? Red -500 Any other color +300

I love it. We are betting on the color of a bow tie. Were else can you do thatShow me the red Bill.Show me the red Bill.. This one seems pretty easy to me, even though the odds are stacked against you. Bidwill is the owner of the Cardinals and he is famous for his bow ties. He always wears red. In the NFC championship game he wears red, why wouldn't he wear red on the biggest stage of his life. Don't get fancy and take the easy money here. 

What song will Bruce Springsteen sing to begin his halftime show? 

Born in the USA 2/1, Glory Days 2/1, The Rising 4/1, Born to Run 5/1, The Wrestler 5/1, Radio Nowhere 8/1, I'm on Fire 12/1

So many choices make this a tough bet. We have to choose what the first song will be. I don't really like Born in the USA to be the first song off. I think Bruce will warm up the crowd to something else and then turn to that one. Glory Days I could see it, but with the state of the economy right now maybe he doesn't want to lead with that one. My money currently will be on The Rising at 4/1. Its one of his newer ones, its a little upbeat, its a good one to lead with while he brings out the heavy hitters latter. If you want to be safe maybe go with Glory Days and The Rising.

Who will the MVP of the game thank first?

God 1-1, Teammates 2-1, Family 4-1, Coach 7-1, Doesn't thank anyone 3-1

Come on now. We see it every weekend. God, God, God. It's like the players think that God didn't like the other team so they thank him for letting him I liked to thank the Jesus for winning me this bet.I liked to thank the Jesus for winning me this well. This year we have Bible Thumping Kurt at the helm too. He thanks God while he sits on the toilet. Big Ben thank God last week first too. So if you go with the odds that one of these 2 will be MVP. I think you have to take the easy bet and go with the big dude upstairs. Don't get struck by lightening on this one.