Free NFL Conference Championship Picks

Howdy All,

I guess you could say that is not what I expected out of this NFL season. No way in hell I thought the Red Birds of Arizona would even be close to the Superbowl. I really don't know what is going anymore, and I might as well just start drawing names out of a hat. What a weird season of football? Maybe the explanation is Obama or something. The Yes We Can message has gone to all the heads of these teams that I thought would be left for dead, but they somehow goAt least I beat the Sports Guy. Nice beard too!At least I beat the Sports Guy. Nice beard too! against logic and win every week. Very weird. The economy sucks, the housing market sucks, we are getting a new President in a few days, the good NFL teams now suck. I went 1-3 last week ATS. Hey at least that is better than The Sports Guy who went 0fer. Take it Sucker! Ha! So lets just sum this year up as a year of change and lets hope it gets better from here. Save us Superman!!


Philadelphia at Arizona(+4.5)

What the hell!! What the freaking hell. The Cardinals are in the NFC championship game. They would have been like my 10th team I would have thought would be there. Mr. Warner shows up every week and proves the critics wrong. They can't win on the road, they have no defense, they can't run. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. They have done all of that and more during the playoffs. My Brain likes Philly Green. I say my brain is dumb!My Brain likes Philly Green. I say my brain is dumb!Who knows, I can't explain it anymore. The Eagles continue their stomp to the Super Bowl also. Left for dead, but now they find themselves one game away from the Superbowl. The crazy thing is that the Cardinals are home in the Championship game and they are dogs. No one believes in them. My brain says I don't believe in them either and I should take Philly. I don't trust my brain anymore though, so I am taking the points on the home team. I'm not going to be surprised one bit if the Cards make the big dance. 


Baltimore(+6) at Pittsburgh

Two freight trains colliding. KABOOM!!! Cannonball coming through is what this game is. The two punishing defenses are on a track going 200 mph towards each other. Trust me they are going to hit each other, and probably both explode into smithereens. The Ravens proved again if you have a great defense you I don't know who I like this week, but she knows.I don't know who I like this week, but she knows.can win with any sort of offense. They just don't make any mistakes. Banged up Ben played brilliantly last week too. These two teams are so similar that it even makes me hurt looking at them. Kill your opponent into they give up, and squeak out just enough offense to win the game. Again, am I just going to take the points and watch these two battle for the death. I have a feeling that this game is going to be very very close, and then some one's head will fall off. FUN FUN FUN!!