Don't give up on Carlos Quentin

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Carlos Quentin started the year off HOT, I mean extremely hot!  After just 12 days of baseball, Quentin already had hit 7 HRs and was looking like he may even eclipse last year's breakout performance.  Unfortunately, it has been pretty much all down hill since then.  He has seen his average drop from .302 down to an abysmal .237, and he has only had 1 HR since then, and that was almost 2 weeks ago.  So, what in the world is going on with him?

Well, let's just say the poor guy hasn't gotten any breaks and a nagging, albeit hidden, injury may be to be blame.  Quentin recently reported he has had heel pain since the end of April (coincidentally the last time he hit a HR), and is not receiving cortisone shots to help.  

Also, Quentin's BABIP is way off the charts, and not in a good way.  His career BABIP is around .264, yet this year he is at just .207.  Based on my calculations, he should be hitting around  .281 assuming a .264 BABIP.  His K% is down by almost 4 percentage points, and his Line Drive percentage is up, both of which indicate to me he his hitting the ball well, but just getting unlucky.

Quentin was probably a big pickup in your draft, but if one of your owners thinks he may have been a one and done type of player, you may be able to get him at a reduced rate.  It's early, so some owners may want to hang on, but at least you know he'll probably turn it around.