Colorado vs. West Virginia Pick (10/1/2009)

Thursday night games always give me the shakes when trying to pick it.  It's either a game no one really cares about, or a game where a up and coming school is trying to compete with a big boy on the national stage.  Either way, we as the bettors of the world, have to try and decipher what some 18-22 year old is going to feel like playing under the lights after perhaps a rough day at school.  At least with Saturday games, we know they only have one thing on their mind.  Anyways, this is a game that no one outside of WVU or Colorado cares about, but on to the pick anyways, as we need to make up some dinero!

WVU comes in as 1-1-1 ATS, and Colorado is 1-2, just like their Straight Up record.  Colorado finally got a win their last time out against Wyoming after implementing a no huddle offense to get their offense going.  WVU comes in at 2-1 SU, but they should be 3-0 after having the lead against Auburn last week, but gave up 6 Turnovers and losing in the end.  Their offense is averaging 480+ yards per game, and gained 500 yards against Auburn despite the loss.  

This is going to be a one way blowout in my mind, especially since it is in Morgantown.  Granted, Pat White has moved on, but WVU is still putting up the yards, and unless Colorado's defense shows up again like it did against Wyoming, this is going to be a long night for the Buffs!