Chase Headley: Fantasy Baseball profile

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There is a lot of speculation about this young kid Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres.  He's a third baseman, although I'm not quite sure he is going to be able to live up to Braun type numbers.  Braun came out last year and basically set the world on fire, but if you had studied his Minor League numbers, you could see that he was a stud...belting 15 HR in 2006 in just 59 games, and then 10 HRs in just 34 games in 2007.  Basically, he is an animal.  However, I'm not seeing the same type of numbers for Headley, despite the fact he is considered one of the top prospects out there.  Let's look at Headley's numbers...

In 2006, as a 22 year old, Headley hit only 10 HRs in 129 games in Single A ball.  Then in 2007 he only hit 20 HRs in 121 games.  Sure, he doubled his output, but that is just AA.  Headley was called up in 2007 for a brief 8 game stint with the Pads and hit .222 with 1 R, 0 RBIs, and 0 HRs.  Not a great start, but the sample size is just too small. 

When discussing this information with DT, one of the other writers for Who To Bet, he reminded me of Hanley Ramirez, whose Minor League numbers were nothing to write home about, and look at him now.  From 2004-2005 Hanley hit a total of 12 HRs in 216 Games in A and AA games.  Then, he gets to the majors, hits 17 HRs his first year, and 29 last year.  The one thing that Hanley did though despite not hitting HRs in the Minors was to steal bases, so you knew as a fantasy owner he would at least help you out in one category.  Headley doesn't steal bases, so you are basically rolling the dice on him, especially if you burn a waiver wire position.  I'm not here to say he won't be good, but I'm just not sure he is worth the hype.