Ben Zobrist a possible sleeper pick

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Zobrist a possible StarZobrist a possible StarThroughout the year I am constantly scouring the waiver wire looking for the next big thing, or at least someone that will help fill in a gap that I overlooked during the draft, or as the result of an injury.  Last year I was able to get Ryan Ludwick, and enjoyed about 25 of his 37 Homeruns.  The amazing thing is that I was probably the 3rd or 4th person to pick him up, but I held on, and reaped the rewards.  This year I am thinking Ben Zobrist may be another one of those types of players, not that he will hit 37 Hrs, but he should be a good fill in with positive numbers.

Zobrist is currently hitting .304 with 8 HRs and 26 RBIs...not too shabby for a guy who has for the most part been a platoon player thus far.  Basically, he is about 50 - 60 ABs short of what a full time player would have, so if you increase his numbers by a 3rd, you are looking a double digits in HRs and over 30 RBIs.  The good news, due to recent injuries, Zobrist is going to be a full time player for a good stretch of time, and if he can keep up his numbers, he should be playing full time from here on out.  

We are always talking about BABIP and how players' numbers can be inflated or deflated basically due to luck.  Zobrist's BABIP is currently at .326, which isn't overly inflated, but could be by just a little.  Amazingly enough, last year Zobrist only had 198 ABs, but still had 12 HRs and 30 RBIs with just a .253 batting average...due in large part to an unlucky .255 BABIP.  Basically, if you combine last year and this year and project out over a full season, he'd be on pace for about 30 HRs!  The even better news is that due to his platoon type status, he has played multiple positions and is currently eligible at both 2b and SS, as well as the OF.  Heck, he even recently played 3B, so you never know, he could be eligible everywhere except Catcher.  

It's a very rare opportunity to find a Middle Infielder with power. Think about names like Rollins, Utley, Kinsler, Phillips, and to a lesser extent...Dan Uggla.  Anytikme you have an opportunity for power at MI, you go for it.  Take a look and see if he is still available in your league, or if someone is not sold on him and may trade cheap for him.