2010 College Football is here..

Let the 2010 College Football season begin.  It's been a while, 8 months to be exact, since we were blessed to last watch college football.  Unfortunately for Texas, especially Colt McCoy, they lost their stud QB to a freak injury during the championship game, and had to settle for a no-name QB to come in and pick up the pieces.  He actually did really well in the 2nd half, which led me to believe that if UT had had Colt the whole game, they may be the team with the trophy now instead of Alabama.


What has happened in the offseason?  Well, if you have been living under a rock, then first I feel sorry for you, and second, you missed a crazy last few months.  Conferences are re-aligning, Super Conferences are trying to be established, while age old conferences like the Big 12 barely survived.  I'm not sure it is good for college football to have all this re-alignment, as I kind of like the old status quo, but if nothing else it will be interesting to see teams that normally get to play each other get to settle things on the field.  Anyways, you aren't here to read about stuff you should already know about, let's get to some picks, specifically for tomorrow night's games.

USC -22 at Hawaii


Talk about a shakeup during the offseason, USC has been smacked with sanctions that make Reggie Bush wish he had never worn a Trojan uniform.  He basically cost them a ton of scholarships, and worse than that, any shot at a bowl.  However, they are still USC, even though Pete Carroll decided to leave this mess before the sh*t hit the fan.  Lane Kiffin takes over after an average season at Tennessee.  They are returning 10 starters this year (5 offensive, 5 defensive), but most importantly, their QB is one of those 10.  USC hasn't lost a season opener in 12 years, and in 2005 when they opened up at Hawaii, they walked away with a 63-17 victory.  In fact, the last 3 times they have played they have scored 60+ against Hawaii.  Expect more of the same and an easy cover.


 Pittsburgh +3 at Utah


The most intriguing game of tomorrow night is definitely Pitt versus Utah.  Both teams finished a strong 10-3 last year, although both had hoped for just a little more.  The only time these two have met was in '04 when Utah crushed them 35-7.  However, Pitt didn't have Dion Lewis in the backfield back then.  Look for Pitt to try and establish him early to keep the ball out of Utah's Jordan Wynn's hands.  When Wynn took over last year, Utah's offense was sparked and started over a TD more ppg (34.2) than before.  He is a force to be reckoned with, but I think Pitt wants some revenge this year, especially after a heart breaking defeat at the hands of Cincy to end last year's regular season and their Orange Bowl hopes.