2009 Free Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings (SS)

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The shortstop position is very top heavy with the likes of Hanley, Reyes, and Rollins. You will probably even found these three studs at the top or near the top in your draft. After those 3, the position drops off very fast, and you can Speed only kills when you don't have power.Speed only kills when you don't have power.wait to get your SS. There are some great young buys here like, Tulowitzki and Drew so don't worry too much. Please don't reach for Jeter. He will get taking early and you really can find his similar stats rounds later.  When personally doing my draft, I like to found my speed guys in this spot. So beef up on power at the corners, and try to get someone here that will balance out your speed category. You can get a lot of these guys very cheap, and if they don't pan out there is always the waiver wire.

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 1  Hanley Ramirez  Hanley is the #1 player in fantasy. 30 Homers, 30 Steals from a SS are you kidding me. If you don't have the first pick then you can forget about this guy because you're not going to get him.
 2  Jose Reyes Reyes should also go in the top 3 picks of your draft. He doesn't provide the power that Hanley does, but man can this guy burn. He got 56 SB's last year, and is wanting to improve on that. Draft him and don't even worry about the steals category.
 3 Jimmy Rollins  Consider as the consensus #3 SS in fantasy and close to a top 10 pick overall. Rollins suffered from an ankle injury last year that made him miss some time. Healthy again I expect the homers in the mid-20s again and 40 SB's to add. All around an excellent pick.
 4  Alexei Ramirez  From nothing, to greatness in one year. The Cuba defect exploded on the scene last year with 21 homers and 13 steals. He strikes out a lot, and is a free swinger but  his power is for real. In a position where it is hard to find 20 homer pop, you can't go wrong here.
 5  Rafael Furcal  Furcal was slowed down by back surgery in July last year. If it wasn't for that he would have been unreal. His back is better and he is ready to steal some bases. The good thing about him is that he also provides you with mid-teen homers also.
 6  Stephen Drew  Drew is a lot better than his older brother. He took a big step up last year and reached the 20 homer mark. He is a great all around player with will provide a decent average with some  pop. He is young and is only going to get better.
 7  Derek Jeter  You know what he is. He is a declining player that is overhyped. Yea he will get you the avg, and some homers and steals. He has been on a decline each year. Let someone else draft him too high.
 8  Troy Tulowitzki  Tulo has the thin air to help him out in Colorado. HE was awesome 2 years ago, and got hurt and pretty much sucked last year. You are taking a gamble here, but who cares. He has the talent to provide juicy stats to your roster.
 9  Michael Young Young is a very balanced player that plays in a great park. He got moved to 3B this year to make room for The King, but still qualifies as a SS. 300 avg, 12 homers, 12 steals is what you can count on. Very balanced but nothing too exciting. 
 10  Mike Aviles  I really like Aviles. This kid can hack and is only going to improve on his rookie campaign. He batted .320 last year and had 10 homers and 8 SBs. Expect everything to go up except the average.
 11  Jhonny Peralta  IF you need power from your SS position he is your guy. If you don't then pass, because he is slower than turd for a shortstop.
 12  J.J. Hardy See Jhonny
 13  Miguel Tejada  Migggy got his probation and can now move on. He will be very undervalue at draft time, and you might be able to get him really late. Not bad for a SS with 15 homer power in a good ballpark. Wait and he could pay off big.
 14  Khalil Greene  Greene moved out of the suck of Petco, and into a Cardinal uniform. His power should go up, but his average will suck you down. If you can cover that average the 20 homer pop might be worth it for you.
 15  Felipe Lopez  
16  Ryan Theriot  The RIOT. What a great name to say. 
 17  Elvis Andrus  
 18  Yunel Escobar  
 19 Orlando Cabrera  
 20  Jason Bartlett